Limitless Possibilities

I wrote my essay and added a video with voiceover, about how going into space is a big dream of mine.

PROMPT: You’ve got a ticket in your hand – Where will you go? What will you do? What will happen when you get there?
I’m in love with the stars, the miles and miles of what seems to be nothing, the planets and their gravitational pulls. I would like to go to space to go see first hand, not just pictures of from a distance anymore, to be closer and more personal with the objects in our solar system. I would do anything to be even remotely close to our moon, to view its defined craters, or be far enough from our own Earth’s orbit to see it’s complete beauty first hand.
If I had one ticket in my hand it would be a free astronaut suit, training, and a trip to outer space (the moon more specifically) and the supplies needed to perform samples and run tests on the moon’s overall environment to study what it contains
While on this journey, I would photograph all of my sights and views, I would record all data and moments to look back at in my future. I would arrive on the moon and search for man-made objects and anything that could be potential evidence of possible life.
Collecting samples of the atmosphere and environment around me then followed by a series of tests to determine what exactly can and cannot be done to discover new ways to make our moon ‘ours’. This could then create new ideas in solving our over population issues, as so many births happen an hour, a day nonetheless. Traveling to the moon would not be a wasted opportunity, the intentions and possible outcomes would be to benefit everyone else.
I feel heavy pressure against my chest as I try to keep my eyes open during take off, I’ve been trained for this type of feeling so I am not alarmed, it is expected. We finally break through the atmosphere and we are in Earth’s orbit. Our planet is beautiful from so high up, the blue and white swirls look like art. As we continue to distance ourselves from Earth I see more of nothingness, it is difficult to comprehend how truly small we are to the rest of the universe even when you are viewing it first hand. I have found that many people in my generation see themselves as the center of our universe. I hope one day all will realize that one person in our universe, is truly even smaller than an ant being compared to our entire planet Earth. As we seem to drift away we have time to just adjust to the darkness and absorb all of our solar system’s beauty. My crew sits in silence, they have come to the realization of how insignificant our everyday lives on planet Earth are. As for I, everyday spent on Earth I tried wrapping my mind around this truth.
Fortunately, I consider myself to have come to this realization and continue to try my hardest to comprehend our true size and impact amongst our galaxies. We land our aircraft on the rough surface of the moon. Gathering my research supplies and stepping out I feel as light as a feather. The moon’s gravity is not nearly as much as the gravity on Earth. I begin to collect samples and data, test tubes are opened and highly advanced technology assists me as I analyze the data. Collecting this information could potentially help solve population issues we have on Earth. I would then set up camp, preparing myself physically and mentally for my residence on the moon. I am asking this to be seen or understood as a choice would be created to be beneficial to everyone I love and everyone that I have yet to meet, a choice that is not even a choice at all but more of an honor. An honor that not many have, not because it is a trip to the moon, but because only few people in life get the opportunity to turn their dreams into their reality.


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