[insert boring title for English final here]

english meme

Dear V,

You’ve really grown up this year, i’m glad you know what to do with your life for once. This year was a tough one, one of the toughest ones you’ve had yet. But you’ve stayed pretty strong. You’re a tough cookie, way to be level headed. You’ve improved and learned things from life and school don’t ever stop working in school or on the court.

You made some pretty good projects and your college essay was pretty creative!! You and Grace are super duper close and hung out more, which is new. A great new. Varsity this upcoming year will be new, good luck with that.

I am  most proud of the writing you did in APUSH second semester, also the practice AP essays for English! They’re great and well planned out, another way you’ve grown this year.

Challenges in life were the most difficult this year, not to mention basketball. Not being stable at home could effect drastically in school, I’m proud that you didn’t. Basketball wise, keep working, you can do it. I know you’ve been worrying about who might be more talented. But you work and work and you can do better, you can do way better and be better than how you are currently. It’s all about the work. Trust me. Give it your all.

I wish you would’ve seen at the beginning of the year that people around you aren’t always gonna be there, they’ll come and go. Don’t waste your time and effort on those that aren’t willing to stay because there’s a reason they were there and now there’s a reason they’re gone. It’s for the best.

My goals for my last and final year of high school and to be happy in what I have planned for my future, be organized in where I am going and be surrounded by all my friends and family that I love and that love me back. To not take anything for granted and try to teach others that life isn’t all that bad. It could be worse.

with awesomeness,

Viv from the past!


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