Month: February 2016

The Beauty of Growth

According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center has shown that most Americans would not prefer to be living much longer than the current life expectancy. 30% would not like to live after 80 years old and 60% do not want to live past 90. I find this very appalling considering a lot of people do not want to die, but living so long is still not preferred by a great majority of Americans. 

My baby sister, wants to hurry to grow. Trying to place her self in the front seat of our car because she wants to be a big girl like her sisters and mother.
I feel am sad to not be such young girl, yet happy to be older, wiser, and much more experienced.
Mother and daughter slowly develop into women. Growing and learning from each other.
My grandparents, they have been together for 25 years and there wedding day was a big moment, as it would be for anyone. Big occasions like these would be hard to appreciate if you had extended lives.
nov-dec 2k15 234
My baby sister grows more intelligent and beautiful everyday. Being able to watch her develop is incredible.
nov-dec 2k15 236
Another photo of Maddy being cute and young cause why not.
nov-dec 2k15 125
Mixture of individuals, ranging from ages 1-18 years old. No matter how old or young each is, they all contribute to the family and are amazing humans.
Mother helping baby sister grow, teaching her the beauty of life and how to appreciate time. 

These are some irreplaceable moments that should be cherished in life, with scientists researching such things as how to extend lives, individuals could begin to take advantage of such glorious moments.