Semester One Review

Dear Mrs. Dille, at the beginning of this year we wrote a letter to you to express how we felt overall about writing and reading. Recalling what I previously wrote to you, I did not like either of them. My perspective has changed completely on both topics, I enjoy writing AND reading VERY MUCH.

When I write I no longer see it as an obligation or something I am forced to do. I like to write a lot now a days because I learned that writing is a way to express myself and get my beliefs and messages to an audience. The piece of writing I am most proud of would have to be the first Op-Ed we did in the beginning of the semester that I titled, “They Care, Trust Me I Know”. I enjoyed writing this piece a lot, I had no trouble with recording how I felt on the matter of teens taking their parents for granted. This was my first lesson on how writing can get ones points and messages across, especially when it’s something someone strongly believes in.

My attitude on reading has changed during this course because I see it as a reward. I don’t happen to have very much time to read when I would like to so I greatly appreciated days that you gave us 15-20 mins of just independent reading. My attitude changed along side of my approach of reading because having a different approach such as reading and paying attention to what it is I am reading created the sense of reward. MY FAVORITE BOOK THAT I READ CALLED, “The Path”, BY JODI PICOULT AND  I LOVED IT SO MUCH BECAUSE IT MADE ME CRY AND SCREAM HAPPINESS AND JUMP UP AND DOWN. IT DID NOT EVER FAIL TO EFFECT MY EMOTIONS IN SOME TYPE OF WAY AND THE EXPERIENCE WAS AMAZING I PLAN ON RE-READING IT AGAIN ONE DAY.

In conclusion, I feel that I preformed well and if not averagely. I had a trouble with a few assignments we did because of my poor time management. But overall for my first AP English semester I got pretty used to all of the expectations by the end of the semester. I will and would definitely manage my time much better on EVERY assignment and set my priorities better. My goals for next semester would be to just generally continue to improve on my writing skills!



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