Reflective Essay

Our big project/assignment this six weeks of school was to create some form of media to create an argument of our choice. I chose for my argument to be about why people should appreciate and not take any form of science for granted and I decided to make my argument with a video. I decided on this specific topic because I personally love science, any bit of it. I decided that a good audience to target would be people that don’t really support the funding of scientific research ranging from climate change to NASA’s total budget. I felt that this would be an efficient audience because they seem likely to have a lot of comments and thoughts on my argument/topic. If there is a large amount of feedback not only would there have been a lot of views but it could potentially be spread which would spread my argument giving a bigger possibility of others to agree!

In my video I created I used logos by including specific scientists and facts about what they have done for our society today no matter how long ago they lived. I attempted to connect them to each other within their sense of curiosity that led to their incredible theories and discoveries. I used pathos by implying that all of the scientists were people just like us, so they should be honored and appreciated in their work and area of study. By this I would appeal to the audience’s emotions because they should feel as though they can too achieve the greatness that these individuals did. Lastly, I used ethos by establishing who exactly the scientists were and most all of their achievements. This large list of achievements would have shown the audience that all of the following things are correct because these scientists aren’t just, “One hit wonders”, they have done more than  one thing for our society!

Well, I put my link on an app called,”Vent”, because more than a few people follow me and listen to what I have to say. In result I surprisingly received a lot of positive comments on how most agree, my video also sprung more ideas to grow as well as new ways to see science, rather than just a subject you’re forced to take in school.

I learned that making a video is much more difficult than it may seem beforehand. It takes a lot of time and work and then you still have nothing. In that, I mean that you can work continuously for hours but it still isn’t long enough! To me, it was frustrating. I wrote out a format that I was going to use before I started the actual action of producing my video, yet it was not as efficient as i thought it may have been. Differently I would definitely write out a complete script prior, explaining exactly what I would like for it to say THEN I would actual create my product. The specificity of a script would have helped so much.

Finally, the over-all persuasiveness of my video. I feel like it said some things that others might not exactly think of, but it wasn’t as strong of an argument that I would have liked it to be. I am really proud of my facts, I am most proud of this part because I didn’t really look much up. I just knew all of these achievements of the scientists because I frequently researched and love to learn about the foundations of today’s scientific studies.


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