Analyzing Argumentative Videos

I analyzed a video by the Youtube Channel named AsapScience named, “The War On Science,” which was a video written/drawn visuals with dry erase markers and board that are created along with a voice-over explaining what you are watching.

By carefully and repeatedly watching this video i have found many specific persuasive strategies such as the the obvious well-constructed and researched facts. Along with their references, the facts are tied along to the argument and specifically explain the way the evidence is supporting the makers argument. Meanwhile, there is slow, soft, and sad music playing in the background to set the appropriate feeling of sorrow and sympathy. I also find the use of colors appealing because brighter colors are used to represent the achievements science has made, and darker colors are representing the bad things. I have watched as there are many different reasons given for you to support their belief, which all seem to tie back to the viewer and how they benefit from science as well as all other people. The creator also carefully includes real-life pictures that are very attractive to ones eye that make you yearn to keep watching and think, “Why would I let these beautiful sites of nature go away?” With these idea in your mind along with the images you are given a sense of pity that  makes the audience want to give in and agree with the author. There is also comparison to other programs beside scientific ones such as NASA, constructing a good concession and rebuttal for their argument. The author also continues to mention cost, which overall effects everyone. Again, making connections to the audience (ethos). All of this ties back to the important fact that science effects all in drastic and very tiny ways we might overlook everyday. Which is how ethos, pathos, and logos are all used in this argumentative video.


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