My Folder.


It’s about 8 PM, Friday the 23rd of October. I can’t post immediately when I’m finished because I don’t have connection to do so.
But, I had a great week. I’m laying in bed pretty tired, but I’m very relaxed. I’ve had a pretty exhausting week. Laying in bed is something I am cherishing at the moment.
Speaking of cherishing, I have a longhorns folder. I’m crazy about the Texas Longhorns. This is by far one of my most valueable possessions. I open it and reveal what it contains often to bring back good, familiar, and remarkable feelings.
My Longhorns folder holds my notes from a past loved one. These specific notes have the power to make me smile, blush, and even cry. There is so much meaning in them.
I just finished reading them now and I wanted to record my feelings, you could say.

I have three major emotions as of right now and here they are:

I feel happy.
I’m happy that I had the oppurtunity to experience. I’m happy someone actually once loved me.
I feel amazed.
I’m amazed that anyone could write such deep and wonderful things about me. I always think of me as just me, but to have someone say so many loving things about me leaves me astonished.
I feel lucky.
I’m lucky to have experienced the things written in these notes. I’m lucky to have had someone that expressed their feelings for me, so deeply and detailed. Someone that really saw me as precious to them, and close to their heart. Someone that truly loved me. I feel as if only few people find this in the world.

I’m lucky to have had them.


One thought on “My Folder.

  1. This is super deep and touching as I think that almost everyone can relate to this in some way. I like that even though it’s a thing of the past you see the good. I think it’s a great thing to be able to see the light in everything.


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