I Dont Get Me

I sometimes freak myself out. I think of really weird questions. Not creepy weird, just such deep thinking about things that most people wouldn’t even notice. I think it’s pretty cool but sometimes my burning questions just linger in my head for what seems like forever.

On my free time I research and look up what people might think are the silliest things. But honestly, I just wonder things.

I wonder about the stars, the clouds, the water, the ground, the computer I’m typing on. My mind is blow by all of the things that are so complex to be yet so real.

I love learning, and I love to know how things work. My two favorite subjects are science and math but I am IN LOVE with science.

My dreams are to have a microscope and telescope of my own. I want to be able to see something so small in specific detail. I desire to reach my sight to something so far, so distant.

I believe the possible things to see, feel, touch, hear, smell, and learn are endless through science and this excites me to an extraordinary extent.

I was tired of having my feelings bottled up inside, my thoughts about things. So here they kinda are.

I don’t really get me. I know who I am, all of that mumbo-jumbo. But sometimes I feel my mind belongs to someone else.

But I love it.


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