Op-ed Reflection

The first six weeks of school we were assigned a writing assignment. We were required to a op-ed on a topic we cared about. An op-ed is “denoting or printed on the page opposite the editorial page in a newspaper, devoted to commentary, feature articles, etc.” First we researched on possible resources we could use and site in a summary we wrote either, against, in agreement, or with a neutral opinion to our argument and/or topic. We analyzed how the sources wrote and used rhetorical strategies to persuade the audience. We then wove these strategies into our own op-ed.

I chose to write about teenagers taking their parents for granted and that you should not. You only get the opportunity to have one mother and father, I feel that they should always feel appreciated because they brought you into this world. I have felt how it feels to not have my parents and I wouldn’t want anyone to feel that way, and have regrets. It was interesting to me how many young adults accidentally treat their parents unfairly. Choosing this topic was fairly easy being it’s something I truly care about, but it was difficult to write for me.

I shared the link to my blog and to my op-ed to my mom. (Which she greatly appreciated and praised me for.) A couple of classmates took time out of their day to read my op-ed and one commented! I also tweeted about it! It didn’t help too much but I’m sure SOMEONE saw.


I would definitely manage my time better next time, and focus more on the summaries to help me actually write my op-ed. I felt a little rushed towards the end, but I was being irresponsible and I take full credit for that.

I learned that Im not as bad as a writer as I think I am, for one. Secondlly, I should work on planning more because it helps a ton. Lastly, I learned that not all writing we have to do has to be boring. Since I actually cared about the topic i enjoyed writing about it and sharing my opinion.



One thought on “Op-ed Reflection

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog – thank you for sharing it with me!! You have a great point & a great perspective on your topic! 🙂


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