Lori Badami is a woman who lost her mother who was shot by her step father. She writes about not taking your parents for granted, that agrees with my argument and op-ed. She uses three very effecient and strong stradegy’s in her letter/article.
First, she starts her introduction with a story and/or personal experience. The story is about the tragedy of her mothers murder and is written to draw your attention and be moving. This is a good hook, and is using pathos because it effects the readers/audiences emotions. This is an effecient rhetorical stradegy because it leaves the reader eager to continue.
Next, Lori connects the story with her topic and claim. To not take your parents for granted or anyone you love. She uses pathos throughout her entire article to get her point across and be persuasive.
Lastly, towards the end of her article she uses suggestions of ways to achieve what shes asking for, so the reader realizes that her asking is not an impossible task. This may finalize the readers action on whether they go through with what the author is asking or confirms their decision to agree with her.

Badami, Lori. “Don’t Take Your Parents for Granted.” Chicago Tribune. N.p., 7 May 2005. Web.


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