Month: September 2015

They Care, Trust Me I Know.

Unfortunate events tend to happen. On May 7th, 2005 a letter was published by a woman named Lori Badami on the Chicago Tribune newspaper website. This letter referred back to the date of May 4, 1983, the last time Lori had ever seen her only mother she would ever have. Unaware of what the future would hold, Lori and her mother’s night ended on a bad note, an argument on whether the young teen could stay out late.

She was pulled out of class the next day, May 5th, 1983, to find out that her mother, who was indeed her best friend, had been shot and killed by her stepfather.

“What does this have to do with me?”, you may ask. But you too may be naive to the brutal fact that we live in an unpredictable world. Unfortunately, a tragedy such as this one could take place in your life. Things like this happen everyday and I know deep down, even if you refuse to admit it, everyone’s parents deserve the privilege to see their masterpiece of a child grow and develop into an adult with a well-built character.

Some people you meet in the world may think you don’t need your parents. Teenagers are capable of anything adults are. Teens have it worse, parents don’t understand, they’ll never understand, all parents do is complain, my parents dont like me. Parents are too strict, they never let me have any fun. I am sure you have heard at least two if not more of these things said by a teenager. That being said, it is reasonable to say that some teenagers do in fact take their parents for granted, intentionally or not.

I personally have taken my parent for granted, my only mother, I will absolutely admit to that. I use to think that i had a horrible life, that my mother never appreciated anything I did and that she was never proud, she only chose to see all of the mistakes I made. I was young and ungrateful, and I had not yet actually taken my mother’s perspective into consideration or her reasons.

A lot of teenagers and sometimes even kids can relate to the feeling of dissatisfaction I felt of my mother’s parenting. But it is also very likely that this is almost the exact number of young adults that fail to come to reality of how much our parents, or parent, actually sacrifice and care for us. Overall, adults have been through almost the same things we have. They have more life experience than us, obviously. They have enough, if not more than enough, sense of what the world is like and the daily troubles or struggles we may face.

On this same note, our parents do care about us, they continuously make sacrifices to support us. We are a whole other human body, we need things just as they do and some parents even lose track of their needs because of how much they put yours before theirs. They care about us so much and do a drastic amount of things, big and small, to take of us. It gets hard. It gets hard keeping track of you, then your other parts of your family, the residence you may occupy, and then lastly themselves. You may not think their mindset has you put first, but usually this is in fact the case.

These continue to be most of the small reasons some of us have not ‘come to the light’ on whether we are or should take our parents for granted. As I previously stated, these are small reasons but they impact our emotions and relationships greatly. But you can change that.

I made the mistake of thinking that my mom didn’t care, that she didn’t want me and she wasn’t being a good parent. Though I have truly changed myself, which led to a transformation of me as a whole. I’ve came to total reality and I now know I’m one of my mother’s greatest accomplishments, she tries her hardest and gives her everything into taking care my siblings and I, she misses me when I’m gone and she is a great parent. It’s not what she can’t do for me, but what she wishes she could do. All the smiles and laughs we have in the such short time we spend together. All the, “I love you”s that were once spoken by habit but now are cherished. Last but not least, the silly disagreements we may come across, because not only do they makes our relationship stronger, they remind us of the love and concern we have for each other always.


Op-Ed Writing Planning Prompt

The purpose of my Op-ed is to change how teenagers overall treat their parents, specifically for them to not take them for granted. Id like my argument to open eyes of young adults that do take their parents for granted even if it might be by accident. Just the simple things you may not realize you are or are not doing to not be grateful for you parents and the things they do for you. I plan on connecting to everyday routines that everyone might go through to uncover the little ways that teenagers might take their parents for granted, or not express the appreciation that is deserved.

I believe…

I believe in hardwork. You can only achieve success through failure. I believe the strongest people aren’t the ones who can do everything, but the ones who can’t and don’t stop trying. The people that don’t expect pity or want it for things that have happened, but to just feel like they have the same opportunities as everyone else. I believe people change. Grow and adjust. I believe everything happens for a reason. Your typical cliches. The ones that say everyone has a purpose, and that you and I will find ours one day.

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Mom :-)

I love my mom so much. And I think I can just post whatever I want cause its my blog so I want everyone to know how much I adore my mom. And look she Snapchats me because she loves me too.


Letter to Mrs. Dillie

My name is Viviana, most people call me Vivi, and some call be Viv. Honestly the first thing that comes to my mind about me would be that I’m a 5″ foot tall, 16 year old girl. Some people may believe I’m short but I prefer the term ‘vertically challenged’. Ironically I play basketball, I’m in love with the sport, also I play softball which I also really enjoy. My height is from my mother, like alot of things, including a ton of her facial features. We are basically twins, my father on the other hand is super tall but I do have some of his body features, like my hair and teeth. My parents aren’t together and haven’t been for a while, they never did marry. Neither of them attended college, I would very much like to graduate and make my way to college. I am the second oldest of my 6 siblings and am always eager to be a good example for my 5 younger ones. It would be an honor to one day attend attend the University of Texas in Austin, its always been a big dream of mine and I’m working on it! That being said, I love school! For the most part, its the best part of everyday. I can give you reasons on why I truly enjoy it but that can wait. I’m from Austin, Texas I’ve never left the Lone Star state actually, but, one day I’d like to travel to Italy, Greece, Rome, and and a few other places for personal reasons.
I’m not a great writer, like at all. Well, I don’t consider myself one, I’m horrible at writing poems and English hasn’t really ever been something fun for me.
(No offense.)
On the other hand, as a reader, I feel I am advanced. Not like ridiculously better than everyone or anything, but I feel like I read well. I can pronounce words that I might have never seen in the past, and read continuously with few stops and a fast pace. Maybe that doesn’t make me a good reader, just a fast reader. But I also actively read when I do read, I think about what I’m reading. I have to know what I’m reading and create visuals and relating other things to the text because if I have to reread a paragraph I get super annoyed with myself.